About Us Tour Peru

About Us Tour Peru

WE ARE TOUR PERU – TRAVEL AGENCY TOUR OPERATOR 100 % PERUVIAN located in the city of the Cusco.

TOUR PERU is a company operator of national tourism, specialized in receptive tourism, internal tourism, ecological tourism, archaeological and traditional tourism with 12 years of experience and characterized for offering professional and personalized service and likewise to promote a responsible tourism with the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our company is constituted we legally rely on certificates that it grants the municipality of the Cusco to us, Dircetur Cusco and expire with the requirements that the tributary law demands. (SUNAT of PERU).


We possess equipment of guide professionals, transport modern and certified for the services of trips in Peru.

TOUR PERU offers variety of services the programs are flexes of agreement to his needs and expectations with personalized assistance 24 hours of the day, before and during his trip in Peru.

We have tours for alone persons, for pairs, groups of agreement to his age and in agreement to his availability.



Travel Agency and Tour Operator 100% Local Cusco:

A. TOUR PERU is a tour operator and tour operator 100% Local, authorized by the institutions that govern the tourism regulations in Peru; That is why we have the necessary licenses and permits to operate within our country.

B. We offer a variety of travel styles for all tastes, our programs are flexible and we can create customized tour packages that meet the needs and expectations of our clients on their trips in Peru.

C. We provide personalized assistance 24 hours a day, before and during your trip in Peru. When you contact us TOUR PERU – TOUR OPERATOR, you will be assisted by one of our experts in travel to Peru who will be happy to assist you and assist you as soon as possible by responding to your inquiries and information requested for your trip.

D. We are specialists in offering individual services such as accommodation, train tickets to Machu Picchu (Peru Rail and Inca Rail), entrance tickets to the various tourist centers (daily city tour Cusco, daily tour Sacred Valley of the Inkas, daily Tour Maras Moray, daily tour South Valley, daily tour Rainbow Mountain Ausangate, inka trail classic, Inca jungle trail, shockquirao treks, daily Puno tour, daily Arequipa tour, daily Tambopata tour, daily Manu tour, etc) and much more to do Your trip a super placenterás vacation in any part of Peru.

E. We know that you will be happy with our service, as evidenced by the hundreds of testimonies from our traveling customers from all over the world; See the videos and recommendations about your travel experiences that will be the inspiration for your next vacation in Peru.

Licenses and Authorizations of TOUR PERU – SACRED LAND ADVENTURES E.I.R.L.:

TOUR PERU – Travel Agency and Tour Operator, fulfills all the requisites and licenses necessary to operate and offer the various services of the tourism sector throughout the Peruvian territory. The institutions mentioned below are responsible for regulating the tourism industry in Peru and we are subscribing thereto:

  • We have the authorization of DIRCETUR (Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Cusco), a governmental organization that promotes competition, sustainability and diversification of Peruvian exportable products, tourism and handicrafts. See authorization on right side.
  • We are subscribed to PROMPERU (Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism), an institution belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of our country.
  • We are registered at SUNAT (National Superintendence of Tax Administration), an institution affiliated with the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru, our RUC number is No. 20527601194.
  • On the other hand, we have the recognition of our customers as you recommend us through TRIP ADVISOR; You can see your travel testimonials with our company by clicking here Sacred Land Adventures.
About Us Tour Peru - Tour Peru Machu Picchu
About Us Tour Peru
About Us Tour Peru - Tour Peru Machu Picchu
About Us Tour Peru
About Us Tour Peru - Tour Peru Machu Picchu
About Us Tour Peru